Greenwich CT and New York Gifts of Personalized Poems
Greenwich CT and New York Gifts of Personalized Poetry
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Have you ever tried to express something and not been able to conjure up the right words ?
What if those words were for a really important occasion, happy or sad, and you want to provide a memory with just the right touch ?
By journeying through this distinctive personalized poetry gift collection, you’ll be invited to touch on love’s true essence.
Lilac Lullabies is a unique repertoire of poetry gift keepsakes that portray the colorful facets of life’s occasions and celebrations.
At times - whimsical and imaginative; more often - deeply poignant and focused !


Illustrated and Personalized Poetry Gifts

- For The Discerning Ears !

Lilac Lullabies

Poetry Gifts

Baby Shower
Religious Ceremony
Valentine's Day
House Warming
I Love You
I Miss You
Thank You

PR.Poetry Gift Purchase

The Poetry Gift Shop page showcases many lilac envelopes; displaying commemorative occasions.
The chosen envelope will then link to a portfolio of poetry Gifts, shown on sliders for easy viewing.
Gift Poems, by default, are dedicated to Jack / Jill
Gift Poems can be personalized with your recipients name and date of occasion.

Gift Poem illustrations are available for purchase in two options and both options are professionally printed on high quality artist canvas, at my local print store .

The personalized canvas Gift Poem is layered below double linen, 8 x 10 inch mats and allow you to choose your own frame. Links to frame companies are below
The personalized canvas Gift Poem is stretched over 8 x 10 x 1 - 1/4 inch deep, artist stretchers, allowing you to hang the illustration without a frame.
Gift Poems are documented, numbered and signed by the author on the rear side to prove authenticity.
The Gift Poem is finally inserted into a protective plastic envelope before shipping

Gift Poems belong to Poetic Reverie - Lilac Lullabies Collection. Copyright ©2002-2018 R.A.Howe

A collection series number and the authors handwritten signature will be added on the back of each finished personalized poetry gift, then placed within a plastic protective envelope.

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Gifts of Poetry

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Mounted Canvas Gift  $43

– Choose your poem !

Professional Canvas Art Print

Mounted, 8 x 10 x 1-1/2 inch deep, artist stretcher frame
Ready for you to hang without extra framing

Cotton Paper Print Gift  $38 – Choose your poem !

Professional Canvas Art Print

Mounted on a 8 x 10 inch, linen, double mat
Ready for you to personalize and frame
Fed up with seeing the same old cliched, poetic quotes on gift items – have you purchased poems and then thought you could have written it yourself ? I hope you didn’t pay big bucks and ask a writing service to create a bespoke poem. You too can write that kind of ensemble by simply purchasing a rhyming dictionary. The craft of writing poesies shouldn’t be devalued by those trying to make a quick buck. There’s no soul in manufactured keywords and cliched rhymes. Unless your muse comes calling, or the recipient is your muse – then it’s just an empty rhyme. I will dedicate and personalize your poetic gift and hope you make a true connection with the words.
Go on – delve into your romantic sensibilities and surprise someone with a poetry gift keepsake !
It comprises birthday ballads with valentine’s day hopes through anniversary notes, romantic wedding vows ‘n’ engagement – wows ! sympathetic sonnets and graduation bonnets, holiday wishes – not forgetting new baby kisses, and many more love sprinkled sentiments !
Should you have any questions regarding the Poetry Copyright, please check the menu heading – Copyright Notice – thanks !
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