Greenwich CT and New York Gifts of Personalized Poems
Greenwich CT and New York Gifts of Personalized Poetry
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Have you ever tried to express something and not been able to conjure up the right words ?
What if those words were for a really important occasion, happy or sad, and you want to provide a memory with just the right touch ?
By journeying through this distinctive personalized poetry gift collection, you’ll be invited to touch on love’s true essence.
Lilac Lullabies is a unique repertoire of poetry gift keepsakes that portray the colorful facets of life’s occasions and celebrations.
At times - whimsical and imaginative;
oftentimes - deeply poignant and focused !


Lilac Lullabies

Poetry Gifts

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The Poetry Gift Shop page showcases many lilac envelopes; displaying commemorative occasions.
The chosen envelope will then link to a portfolio of poetry Gifts, shown on sliders for easy viewing.
Gift Poems, by default, are dedicated to Jack / Jill
Gift Poems can be personalized with your recipients name and date of occasion.

Gift Poems belong to Poetic Reverie - Lilac Lullabies Collection. Copyright ©2002-2022 R.A.Howe

A collection series number and the authors handwritten signature will be added on the back of each finished personalized poetry gift, then placed within a plastic protective envelope.



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 Unique, Personalized Poetry Gifts

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Mounted Canvas Poetry Gift  $..

Now, go pick your preferred poem !

Available in 2 framing options

FLOATER FRAME – Blank ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. WRAPPED CANVAS – Blank

Finished Poetry Gift Examples


Go on – delve into your romantic sensibilities and surprise someone with a poetry gift keepsake !
It comprises birthday ballads with valentine’s day hopes through anniversary notes, romantic wedding vows ‘n’ engagement – wows ! sympathetic sonnets and graduation bonnets, holiday wishes – not forgetting new baby kisses and many more love-sprinkled sentiments !
Should you have any questions regarding the Poetry Copyright, please check the menu heading – Copyright Notice – thanks !

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