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Engagement Gifts

Gifts of Personalized Poetry

In a blink of an eye, a passionate yearning is born and we call it Love !

They say that everything begins in the brain. The Pineal gland that holds the metaphysical soul is often attributed to this love bug feeling. But still, after thousands of years, Love is still left for the poets to decipher. If we can’t physically explain the existence of Love, then we’re left to fantasize and write poetry. Still, we try only to explain the effects and not the cause. Wherever this feeling – mind set – aura, originates – it’s enough for us to bond with a partner and commit to sharing life. Soul mates, more often than not, take their next step to marital bliss by getting Engaged. This stage – I like to break down into a simple mind process: where on earth are we going to get the money from to get married !!  We all have different expectations and interpretations of love, though the key factor is having found a perfect mate that makes our heart skip a beat,  and we must therefore bond for slightly varying different reasons; how we see love through our ” third eye ” !

Getting Engaged is the commitment to getting married; subsequently giving ample time to save money and get their act together ! We are always at a dilemma as to what gift to buy the newly engaged couple. You could always stand out in the crowd and give a Personalized Poetry Gift that defines this momentous occasion. An Engagement Gift that’s unique to be displayed, after framing,  for all to see on your wall or fireplace. Scroll through the Engagement Poetry in the sliders below and select the perfect Personalized Gift for that special couple or your spouse to be !