Project Description

I Love You Gifts

Gifts of Personalized Poetry

Have you ever tried writing your own poetic quote that could rival – ” Love is a many splendid thing ” ? I have tried over the years to write with such brevity and it proves very difficult. Great songwriters like David Gray and Dylan managed to convey their thoughts in a matter of a few words within a stanza. Accompany me through my Poetic aspirations, and I’ll take you on a journey, to expand your thoughts on life’s mystery. I want you to delve between the layers and locate your own heart strings, and learn how to play them.

Thumb through the I Love You Poetry Gift sliders below and pick out one of the sentiments that closely matches what you’re trying to say to your loved one. A Poetry Gift can cement the bond between you both and it’s a Gift that requires no special day or occasion. A simple I Love You Poem can be personalized, then gifted on any day of the year. Therein lies the surprise and affirmation that your soul mate is always on your mind ! Once you’ve purchased your Personalized I Love You Poetry Gift, you can display it on a wall or mantle piece, for you and your loved one to see and reach each and every day. Is there any greater feeling than being in love ?