Project Description

Religious Faith Gifts

Gifts of Personalized Poetry

Christening / Baptism / Confirmation

 Bar – Bat Mitzvah

 Once the storks have flown, we consider the most appropriate guidance for our children to follow on life’s path. Until such time they come of age and can determine their own destinies, we like them to walk-our-walk and adopt our beliefs. Being the perfect parent’s that we are; it obviously worked for us – lol ! Many religious denominations conduct early childhood acceptance rituals such as Christenings, Baptisms, Confirmations and Bar-Bat Mitzvahs. These religious acts are celebrated with a gathering of family and friends. Gifts are exchanged with the distinct theme of the day in mind. These gifts are designed to commemorate the day and to keep throughout one’s life. I have written a few befitting Poetry sentiments to celebrate these occasions. The poems are matted and ready to frame as a Poetry Gift and can be personalized with your recipients name, occasion and date. If you want to change the religious occasion with one not listed, please add these details on the check-out page. These Personalized Poetry Gifts can be displayed on a wall or desk.