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Wedding Day Gifts – Mr & Mrs

Gifts of Personalized Wedding Poetry

Finding the partner who becomes your one and all, is often times an insurmountable task. When we’re young we believe we have time to find the perfect match and we let love find us, leaving the wedding date for the future. For some, the right one comes by happenstance; for others they wait their whole lives and realize that love was already shining it’s face behind a veil. Perhaps, you exude so much love and caring that people fall in love with you every day. And, unfortunately, some of us never find that magic – perhaps they search too hard and expect too much, without the compromise needed.

If you reached this Wedding Gift page and read thus far – you’re probably one of the lucky ones or you’re looking for a Gift for someone who is. Perfect Wedding Gifts are those that come straight from the heart and show that you really care. Wedding Poetry Gifts are the most apt way of defining a relationship; whether you have written the words yourself or have found some unique words, never before heard. Please take your time and browse through the Wedding Poem sliders to find the most befitting sentiment to gift your spouse-to-be or close friend. You may personalize your Wedding Poetry Gift with their names and date of marriage upon check-out. If you find you’d like something written that’s a little more personal, then please shoot me an email. And now for a little alliteration – show you care by purchasing a perfect, Personalized Poetry Gift !